Investing allows you to grow your wealth and at the same time generate inflation-beating returns. You also benefit from the power of compounding.

Common investing tools such as stock, bonds, real estate are usually used by rich to accumulate wealth (children’s education, passive income, retirement Planning & etc.)

Challenges faced by retail investors in stock market:
– Lack of investment knowledge and no time to go through financial report, compare companies within same industry, by region or global)
– Limited access to information and statistic. (eg: subcription to database, screening software)
– Poor risk management (eg: over trade, investing in wrong market segments in different financial cycle, leveraging in options, forex or CFDs)
– Trade on news (speculate for short-term big wins without study company’s fundamentals)
– Emotion (selling winners too soon and holding losers too long)

Why Mutual funds
Professional Investment Management – Fund manager & research team serve institutional and retail investor to achieve your investment goal

Diversification – Investment spread across basket of assets, reduce investment risks

Low Capital Investment – Investment as low as RM100, affordable and easy for investment beginner and those with low capital

High Liquidity/Flexibility to dispose the UT vs properties investment – You can witdraw your investment if any emergency

Don’t let your hard-earned money and savings risk in wrong investment decision.

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