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Protect your loved ones, keep love and not debts

Paying a small premium every year and transferring financial risks to insurance companies has always been our best choice, so that we can have a peace of mind when facing tragedy in life.

IFS commitment to you – get the protection that best suits your needs with lowest premium possible.

Let’s plan ahead unexpected moments with us:

Life Planning
Family is the most important asset you own, and having adequate Life Insuance coverage is crucial if you are the main source of your family income. You dont have to worry about your spouse, children and parents sufferring after lossing you. The insurance will take care your family’s financial support , such as – living expenses, loan repayment, children’s education, parents’s medical bills & etc. So they can continue maintain thier life style and your children can pursue their education and dreams.

Health Planning
Health risks and uncertainties are a part of life. If you or your family members are injured, sick or pandemic, high medical expenses may wipe off all your saving/investment over the years. By paying a relatively affordable health insurance premium every year, you don’t have to worry about the burden, and you can get the best medical treatment soonest possible for your loved one without stress financially.

Income Replacement
By insuring a suitable health insurance, should you become unable to work due to major illness or injurred, it will replace your salary/income. You can better manage your medical expenditure without dipping into your saving. So that your savings can be used for your intended plan such as children’s education and retirement.

Asset Protection Planning Account (APPA)
Property has always been a powerful tool commonly used by the rich during the wealth accumalation stage. However, if anything unfortunate happens and your family members are not affort to pay the mortgage, then the property can only be disposed of, and the worst is the bank auction. Let’s work out the insurance coverage plan to protect your wealth and shelter for your family.

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